Forbury Park Trotting Club Review

The Forbury Park Trotting club, located in Forbury, New Zealand, is home to one of the most renowned horse racing facilities in the region. Harness horse racing events are held on a regular basis, which feature jockeys pulled in a wheeled card behind the horse. This is apposed to the better known saddle form of horse racing, which features the jockey riding on top of the horse. Harness horse racing is a very commonly bet on racing sport, hence why the Forbury Part Trotting club is known throughout the world by those with an interest in bet making.

The Forbury Park Trotting Club is best known for the excellent racing events it hosts, but may also be visited by guests in person, who may witness the racing first hand. It’s not all just about horse racing, however, as the establishment also offers dining facilities, a fully stocked bar, and a professional bet making station. An outing to Forbury Park is perfect for families, groups, and work functions. Guests may also organise to have the main dining hall rented for special occasions, such as weddings.

Forbury Park Trotting Club History

The Forbury Park Trotting Club has a long history dating back as far as 1890. The area was originally swamp, but was transformed into a professional horse racing track in a long and strenuous development project. Although the track was first used for traditional saddle horse racing, the harness racing system was adopted in 1909.

In 1960 the track was upgraded with professional grade floodlights, which allowed racing events to be held in the day and evening. Since then the establishment has gained a reputation as one of the most professional and renowned harness horse racing locations in the region. Greyhound races are also held on the track, as well as the occasional high octane motorcycle racing event.

Forbury Park Betting

The Forbury Park Trotting Club is well known for attracting bet makers from around the world, who relish the opportunity to watch the racing events live while placing wagers. The establishment has full betting facilities on the premises, allowing bet makers to place bets and claim winnings from one professional sports betting NZ station.

Those lucky enough to make it to the park in person say that live horse race betting is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. It is, however, possible to bet on all the racing events at Forbury via the internet, without having to be physically present. Most online bookmakers offer betting option on Forbury Park harness racing, providing exceptional convenience. Those present at the track sometimes even prefer to bet via online bookmaker, simply for the incredible ease with which bets may be placed.

In order to bet on Forbury Park Trotting Club racing events simply navigate to an online bookmaker via your smart phone, or other internet capable device, and access the horse racing section. All the current races at the park will be listed, with applicable odds. Tap a desired horse, indicate the amount to bet, and tap again to make the bet official.