An Introduction to NEKTAN for Casino Gamblers

NEKTAN for Casino Gamblers

Playing betting games is a very old form of entertainment throughout the world. These days, due to the incredible advance of modern technology, these games can now be played at the traditional land based casinos, and also online. Everyone these days has access to some form of mobile device, and casino games are now so easy and simple to play that the number of players taking advantage of this enjoyable form of gaming is growing in leaps and bounds.

With the arrival of the new model of gaming there also came new models of gaming platform developers. Many of the larger traditional companies saw this new style of playing casino games and gambling as an opportunity for expanding their operations into the mobile market, there were also many new entrants into this dynamic industry. One of these new games developers is NEKTAN. They were established four years ago, and since then they have built a strong reputation for high quality games.

The Rise of NEKTAN

NEKTAN’s rise in the last few years was significant enough to warrant the company going public in 2014. It is now listed on the AIM, and has been performing well. The headquarters of NEKTAN are situated in Gibralter, where tax laws are fairly lenient, and the gaming licence the company operates under is with the authorisation of the Gibralter government.  During its time since inception, the company y has focussed on the development and distribution of a mobile software platform featuring many of the traditional casino games as well as bingo. NEKTAN has now established a new office in San Francisco, United States, where its aims are to enter and capitalise on the American gaming market, where the number of American states that are now legalising online gaming is increasing every day.

NEKTAN Casino Gaming

Number of Games Increasing Every Day

The number of games available with the NEKTAN label is still fairly limited, although increasing every day. There is however, a strong customer service available. NEKTAN comes with a secure payment processing mechanism, player reporting, fraud prevention, and an efficient service plan. The software that has been developed is easily integrated with existing sites that may be using other popular software platforms. Like Microgaming at $1 Deposit Casino NZ, NEKTAN’s software can be used on most home computers and mobile devices and tablets, and land based betting terminals.

Because NEKTAN casino games and bingo has been developed specifically for the mobile market, their games are considered among the better games. The graphics are realistic and attractive, and the background music always interesting. Many of the games that are currently available are the slot games, although NEKTAN has recently added bingo and some more table games, noticeably blackjack and roulette to their stable. Among the current slots games are titles like Plucky Pirates, Gunslinger’s Gold, Carnival Cup and Heroic.

NEKTAN is a publicly listed company, and the player can try their games at various sites like Jackpot Mobile, and Northern Lights.