The Suspenseful Action Thriller Run

Run is an action thriller from Geoff Burrows, an Australian filmmaker most well known for his film, The Man From Snowy River and its sequel. The film stars Patrick Dempsey and Kelly Preston in two early roles for the two actors. Run was produced by Hollywood Pictures and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures.

The Plot Of Run

The film takes place in Boston, where we meet Charlie Farrow, played by Patrick Dempsey. Charlie works in an Auto mechanic shop by day, but he is a Poker player by night and clearly has been blessed with exceptional luck. His boss asks him to take a new Porsche to a customer in Atlantic City and the film begins. Once Charlie arrives hi Atlantic City, the car breaks down before he can reach the customer.  While the car is being repaired, a local cab driver spots Charlie on the side of the road and offers to give him a ride. Seeing Charlie in Atlantic City driving a brand new Porsche, the cab driver automatically assumes Charlie must be a high roller and he immediately takes him to an underground casino , but one that also includes a bar and restaurant so the high roller can eat and relax as well playing at

The Moment Things Go Wrong

Taking advantage of his surroundings, Charlie sits down to play a few hands of Poker. With his above mentioned luck, he is soon cleaning up. This lucky streak earns him some attention from the wrong crowd. Another player, Denny, played by Alan C Peterson, soon becomes enraged with losing to this new comer and he tries to attack Charlie. They start fighting although fighting may be too strong a word for the meek and skinny Charlie. Eventually the other the player slips and gets himself killed on a table counter. As things would have it, the player isn’t just another anybody. Instead, he is the son of the local Mob boss, Denny, played by Ken Pogue. From here, as the title suggests, the movie becomes one long chase, with Charlie’s luck never seeming to fail him, as he literally wriggles out of every conceivable hold the mobster’s henchman and the corrupt police officers can place on him.

The Legacy And Impact Of Run

Run was Geoff Burrows last film. After the film’s release he eventually retired and became a cattle farmer in Australia. His first film, The Man From Snowy River in 1982 was based on a poem by acclaimed Australian poet, Banjo Paterson. The film received critical praise and commercial success, enough to warrant the commissioning of a sequel for Walt Disney. Burrows is also well known for his television miniseries, Anzacs, in 1985. It follows the lives of members of the New Zealand Army Corps during the First World War. Kelly Preston, an actor and former model, who has appeared in over 60 film and television shows went on to marry John Travolta and star with him in the critical and commercial disaster, Battlefield Earth. Patrick Dempsey went on to even more acclaim and fame when he was cast as a doctor in the hugely popular television series, Grey’s Anatomy.