Eastern Themed Lucky Koi Online Slot Review

The theme of the Far East is one that has been put onto a fair few slot games over the many years of this format of gaming and it seems that it isn’t going to be fading out any time soon. This particular one was developed by Microgaming, a top developer that is known for their somewhat eccentric slot themes as well as the portrayal thereof. As such this Lucky Koi slot presents well on the reels, with a good collaboration of graphics, sound effects and animations.

Fundamentally this slot game consists of 5 reels and just 25 pay lines, an industry standard for the video slot game format. Microgaming also included a good bit of betting flexibility in this slot, so as to allow a range of different players a portion of the game that caters best to them. Besides the theme and betting however there are also a few bonuses on the reels. These are by no means overwhelming, consisting of just a Wild and a Scatter triggered bonus feature. These may not be the best bonuses around but do complement this Lucky Koi slot game well enough.

The Theme Design and Symbol Structure

The very first thing players will note when they begin playing this Lucky Koi slot from Microgaming is the very blue backdrop to the reels, displaying what seems to be a section of a pond, lily pads and all. This is accompanied by a rather relaxing selection of Eastern sounding music, not much but enough so to create something of an atmosphere toward the theme on the reels. These sounds get a fair bit more excitable when players start hitting a few wins on the reels of this slot game.

One of the better ways to present and create a theme in a slot game is through the reels and symbols found upon said reels. To begin with there are 5 of these reels, layered with 3 rows of symbols on each, with a maximum of 15 appearing after any given spin. The symbols in Lucky Koi include the likes of a turtle, dragonfly, lotus flower, a fan, a frog and even a few Chinese originating coins. Of course there are also several koi fish on these reels, despite the fact that to do so seems a little on the nose. Overall this is actually quite an attractive slot game from Microgaming, and that’s before the bonus features are even addressed properly.

The Lucky Koi Bonuses on the Reels

In Lucky Koi slot online spielautomaten game the first notable feature is that of the Wild symbols, in this game it is represented by the logo and title of the slot. This symbol may not trigger anything here but it can substitute for other game symbols to make more winning combinations on the reels ideally.

The Scatter Bonus triggers the bonus feature in this Lucky Koi slot, when 3 or more of these symbols appear on the reels. At this stage players can choose between the free spins bonus and the Koi bonus, the former awarding up 30 free spins as well as a multiplier whilst the latter is a pick’em bonus game where players get prizes for their picks in the form of coin wins.