The Hoff Online Slot Review for Players

The Hoff Online Slot Review

David Hasselhoff is an interesting celebrity for many reasons. He first made an appearance in the entertainment world in Knight Rider, an eighties series known for its talking car. Hesselhof instantly became a loved personality, and went on to star in the world famous Baywatch series soon after, which saw enormous success across the world.

David Hasselhoff’s popularity boomed, and, has lasted until modern times. He has barely stared in anything else other then a few rather bad movies, famous only because he appears in them. Still, he draws attention wherever he appears, and has a string of gag memes that use his likeness, among other things. The key to his ongoing success is very likely is that the man does not take himself too seriously, and in fact encourages jokes and gags that take a poke at his hammy acting. The online slot game, titled simply The Hoff, is an example of how he allows jokes at his expense.

Interestingly, the slot game is rather good, and can easily provide hours of entertainment. The game uses a five reel, twenty betting line system, with the betting lines manually adjustable via a simple user interface. There are also a number of bonuses and special features, many of them based around jokes, silly references, and amusing gags.

Symbols and Play System

The Hoff slot game makes liberal use of the man himself, with many of the symbols featuring his face pulling mildly silly faces. The most valuable symbol in the game is Hasselhoff’s face in a television, which pays out a great amount if matched the maximum of five times, and a moderate amount if matching the minimum of three times. This is followed by his face on a film reel, which is the second most valuable symbol, followed by an amusing shot of the man singing into a microphone.

The Hoff Slot Symbols

Next comes a magazine with The Hoff on the over, a CD featuring his face, a Hollywood sign, a marble bust of The Hoff, and lastly a film clapper board, apparently from a movie titled the Frankenhoff. Clearly one can tell that the game was made with tongue firmly in cheek, and if anything player’s of the game will get a few chuckles.

Bonuses and Big Payouts

The wild symbol in the game is yet another image of Hasselhoff, this one showing him with a big toothy smile. The wild symbol can, of course, match with any other symbol in order to create a winning sequence.

Like offers in some interesting iPad pokies, there is also a bonus mini-game available, and The Hoff slot game has one of the more entertaining bonus games seen in some time. It can be triggered by matching the bonus symbol at least three times, which is represented by a wad of cash. Upon being matched a second window will open, showing Hasselhoff in a race car. The player must attempt to get him to the finish line, moving the car incrementally along the spaces. In order to see how far the car will move, the reels will be spun, with the value of matches made determining how far the car will move. For each space moved, bonus prizes and cash will be paid out.