Take a Look at Neptune’s Quest Slot from WMS

Neptune’s Quest Slot from WMS

The Roman pantheon of gods borrowed heavily from that of the Ancient Greeks, with a few variations: thus Zeus became Jupiter, Athena became Diana, Hades was known as Pluto, and Poseidon, with his trident and seaweed strewn beard, became known as Neptune, an important figure to a nation built on sea trade. Their names live on, of course, as the planets of our solar system, although it is interesting to note that the names of the various moons are usually still taken from the Greek mythology.

Neptune’s Quest debuted several years ago from Williams Software, and became a staple of casinos everywhere: it once again introduced an innovative reel layout, this time of 2 pairs of double line reels next to 3 reels of 6 lines each. The combination of these two produced a potential 100 payout lines, and provided more interest to jaded punters than the traditional 5 reel slots, as the combinations could potentially pay out after only two reels had stopped.

Symbols and Krakens

Like many Android Watch slots, the game uses the traditional playing card symbols for the lower values, before becoming more thematic: there are ships, star fish, sea shells and tridents, as well as Neptune himself, and a kraken, the legendary giant squid that dragged ships down to the depths.

Matching four symbols within the 2 smaller reels will trigger 5 free spins: 4 matching symbols on the second set of reels will give 5 free spins with the original symbols held, while 4 matching symbols within either of the two smaller reels will give 20 free spins, should three Scatter Bonus Symbols appear on the larger reels.

As well as the Kraken Wild, which when it appears on any reel will transfer to the corresponding space on other reels, there is a Giant Kraken expanding Wild, which appears on the last reel, and covers the spaces it fills on the three large reels with its tentacles. All payouts of lines containing a kraken are doubled during free spin mode.

Internet Slot - Neptune’s Quest

With a potential bet of 50 credits per line on a 100 line slot, with plenty of free spin triggers, there is definitely treasure in the depths of this particular slot.

The Siren Song of the Sea

Williams Interactive’s reputation for innovation in slot games is well founded: their reel layouts and pioneering use of touch screens have kept the industry fresh, and Neptune’s Quest is another of their offerings that proved this. The high level of detail in the game play, the number and scope of winning combinations, as well as the great artwork means that this is a slot that is actively engaging to play, as well as being rewarding. It has a unique look and feel that will appeal to anyone bored with simply spinning away on a 5 reeler, and pays a worthy homage to the legend of Neptune: there can’t have been many people, until now, to catch sight of the legendary kraken, but Williams has pulled off that feat, and will amaze and delight you with this one.