We Explore The Finer Details of Harness Betting

Harness Racing is a type of Horse Racing in which horses race at a specific gait while pulling a two-wheeled cart know as a sulky. The horses are categorized as either Trotters or Pacers, and separate races are held for each.

Harness Racing is an important spectator sport in Australia and massive amounts of punters in the country participate in Harness betting on annual basis. Major events such as the Inter Dominion and Australasian Pacers Grand Circuit attract thousands of spectators annually and were designed to showcase the best of Harness Racing in Australia.

If you’re keen to get started with Harness betting, but aren’t sure how to go about it, keep reading- we’ll tell you more.

Finding an Online Sportsbook for Harness Betting

The first step in getting started with Harness betting is to find a premium online sportsbook. This may sound easy as a quick search for ‘online sportsbook Australia’ will yield an overwhelming number of results, but it’s important for punters in Australia to remember that not all online sportsbooks are worth your energy.

In order to find top-ranked sites, you will need to visit a comparison site which will rank all available online sportsbooks by very specific criterion.

If punters in Australia use any of the online sportsbooks that come highly recommended, you can enjoy Harness betting with peace of mind knowing that you’re using a site that has received flying colours from us in terms of the range of betting markets, safety and security software, lucrative sign up bonuses, and friendly and efficient customer service agents.

Harness Betting Strategy

In order to increase your chances of success, it’s important that punters in Australia adopt a basic Harness betting strategy. Sports betting NZ tactics are unique in that a wide range of wagering options can be considered and punters don’t just have to stake money on whatever wagers are available with the odds on offer.

As such, a key principle in online sports betting strategy is to shop the odds to ensure a maximum possible return on investment.

Shopping the odds may sound complicated, but it’s actually very easy. Start with your favourite online sportsbook. Take a look at the Harness betting wagers on offer, and make a note of the odds on offer.

Now, before staking any money – no matter how lucrative you think the odds are – compare the odds on offer at competing online sportsbooks open to punters in Australia. Odds don’t only give you a good idea of the likelihood of an event occurring, but all also tell you how much the pay-out will be if your wager is successful.

Peruse the wagers and odds on offer at a few online sportsbooks and only place the wager with the online sportsbook that offers the most rewarding odds.

Types of Harness Bets

If you’re going to get started with Harness betting, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the types of Harness bets that you’re most likely to come across at a top-ranked online sportsbook.

Win: back a horse to win the race

Place: place a wager on a horse placing in any of the paying positions – 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Depending on the number of horses in the race, some will also consider the 4th position as paying.

Each Way: essentially a combination of the win and place bets, this is a double wager on a specific horse coming in 1st place OR placing in any the paying positions.